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We are specialists in restaurant supply. We understand how important our food is and what it means to your success. We believe we are your best partner due to our shared desire to provide top quality products. Whether it is aromatic spices or mouth-watering curries and dals, we are here to supply you with the superior food so you can produce scrumptious dishes for your customers.


We are the topmost authority in restaurant tandoors.  We have been in the business of tandoor overs for over 30 years.  We have supplied the vast majority of Indian restaurants with their tandoors.  As the technology has evolved over time, the cookware has become more precise and easier to use.  Contact us for further information.

Utencils & Cookware

We carry a wide variety of large size cookware.  We have traditional pots and pans as well as large size.  We supply restaurants with the tools they need to succeed!